Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Letter Carrier Food Drive

Lubbock, Texas has an internationally reknown food bank, the South Plains Food Bank:
and as an adjunct to that food bank, a food dehydration plant  I think the dehydration plant was the vehicle that vaulted the Food Bank to fame.

However it happened, it is wonderful that the South Plains can help with providing food to people all over the world, who otherwise would be in dire straights.

The Food Bank has many "food drives."  One of the biggest starts around Thanksgiving, and is geared to fill the coffers so families in need have Thanksgiving and Christmas meals worthy of the season.  The citizens of Lubbock respond generously, and I hope we do help most or all families of need.

Today was the National Association of  Letter Carriers Food Drive  I always try to contribute to this food drive.  I think this is a great plan.  The letter carriers distribute cards and bags so people are informed and have bags in which to put food.

I hope everyone who was informed of this food drive was able to contribute.

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