Saturday, May 14, 2011

Medicine Droppers

I bought pet feeding bottles for TLK.  However, the nipples were very stiff. Even with a much enlarged hole, the amount of effort required to produce contents from the bottle through the nipple were such that I did think that TLK could successfully suckle from the bottles.  So, I used a large plastic medicine dropper that I had.

When TLK became constipated, and I thought mineral oil could help, I bought additional medicine droppers to use for the mineral oil: these were in a blister pack, glass, with one straight tip and one bent tip.  I got to thinking about it, after a few days (I am very slow) and realized, if something happened to the plastic medicine dropper, I would be stuck.  The glass droppers would do, but not as well as the large plastic dropper. 

I was in a grocery store last night, (a local chain that does a lot of community service, and amongst my list of to look for items was a medicine dropper.  I could not find one, so asked the pharmacy technician.  He informed me that the store gave those away, and they gave me one.  Wow!....



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