Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Rocking Chair

My mother had a Boston Rocker.  I loved that rocking chair.  We had some lawn chairs with rockers, and they were fine, but not the same. 

A friend of mine had an old rocker that was wonderful to sit in.  I really enjoyed it.  He also had a swivel rocking recliner that came nowhere near the rocking chair.

Later in life, my brother bought some rocking chairs for my parents, to use on their porch.  They were exquisite. 

I am not sure where those rockers are now.

I do not have a rocking chair.  I have told myself several times that I want a rocking lawn chair, but that has not happened.  But, I have never considered a real rocking chair as a piece of living room furniture.

I do not have the room in my livng room for a rocking chair.  But with feeding a baby kitten, I am more and more convinced I need a rocking chair.   Hmm, we shall see what we shall see.

A rocking chair can be exquisite.



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