Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is the Desert - Well, Sort Of

I am not going to write about the drought which we are experiencing, and which is making us all heart sick.  It is too sad to think about.

I am going to write about the night air.  It was in the 90s today.  It was hot.  But there was a brisk breeze, which ameliorated the intensity of the heat, some.  Not much, but some.

Until the sun began to sink, and the direct rays were no longer beating on us.  In the shade, and in the cooling influence of the breeze, the evening air was really, really pleasant.  This is an aspect of the South  Plains that is often over looked.  Until sometimes as late as July, the evening air in Lubbock is very pleasant. The cooling effect of the breeze is amazing, and it makes for sitting out in the night air so pleasant.  And, this year because of the drought, we do not have the mosquitoes bothering us like we do some years.  So nice.

We are not technically a desert region: we are considered "semi-arid."  I think the distinction is the difference in average rain fall.  But like the true desert, we experience the temperature extremes between night and day. Such as today and tonight.  

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