Friday, May 13, 2011

So it Rained. Finally.

Well, we had a chance of precipitation, and early this morning, a storm line blew threw.  There was wind, thunder, lightning, some hail up to golf ball size, and rain. It started about 5:10 or so AM. I was wakened by the thunder and the weather radio.  I stayed awake, but moved to the sofa and just relaxed. Storms do that to me.  I had The Weather Channel on, for updates.  

My rain gauge, which seems to "under report" indicated a little less than a half inch of rain. The hail was so sparse, no damage occurred. By this afternoon, the wind, which blew all day, had dried the fields and dust was blowing, once again. 

Yesterday, I did not open the windows because of the heat.  Today, I have opened the house, in hopes of cooling it down, but it takes a while.

Thank God for the rain!

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