Friday, May 13, 2011

Doing Better, I Think

I think TLK is dong better.  Both eyes are now open.  The kitten can climb into and out of the shallow basket that has been her home.  The kitten made 3/4 of a circle from the basket and around the living room to get to me, to be fed. I was concerned because the kitten did not waken hungry, and did not waken until I woke the kitten for feeding.  Today, that has changed. I did not work today, and the kitten was in the living room with me as I was reading. More than once it awoke, and cried until I picked it up.  It was not consoled by being picked up, but the tenor of its cry changed.  Mmmm.

From almost the beginning, urinating was not a problem.  Until last night, bowel movements were few and far between, even with the help of mineral oil. But last  night and today, the bowel movements, while not large, have been consistent as to be expected for a baby.

I am feeling encouraged. I do hope this kitten survives.  I have no delusions that while it seems to be doing well, things can still happen.

The adult cats have settled in.  Haiku comes around to sit with me on the bed, on the sofa and at the computer, not quite as always. She does not use the chair to the right of the computer, as the kitten is on the floor in the basket, to the right. But otherwise, she is cool.

Sake is not happy. She will come into the living room when the kitten is there, but only with very vocal complaint. She is wanting attention, but in other rooms. And she hisses at the baby.

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