Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter Dry Skin

I always suffer from winter dry skin.  It is a combination of factors: the wind and cold seem to dry out skin out.  But we do not seem to be as thirsty, so we may drink fewer amounts of fluid.  The negative ions seem to dry us out.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids without caffeine or alcohol. Water is optimal, and do not forget, you can drink warmed water.  Juices are good. Cranberry juice is very good.

Use lotion or cream, whatever appeals to you...Although it is said that talcum powder dries the skin, it also seems to calm the itch... But use medicated powder or cornstarch, too.  Oatmeal soaps and bath preparations are very soothing to the dry skin.  Although a steaming hot shower sounds wonderful, the really hot water dries the skin.  Tone it down.

For the lips, use lip balm.  If your lips become chapped, a medicated lip balm is probably in order vs. a Vaseline only based product.

Keep your skin covered when in the cold.  Use a hat to decrease heat loss from your head. Stay warm.  Stay dry...

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