Monday, November 29, 2010

I Really Like My Job

I was really looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday, which provided me with 4 days off from work.  I did not have extensive or extravagant plans, but did want to attend some Lady Raider basketball games, read, and listen to some old music...

So, Thursday and Friday, I slept in.  By Saturday, I was ready to get up early, as I would for work, and Sunday was the same.  That was okay.  It was  just good to have days in which I could relish the relaxing pace and calm, peaceful activities in which I engaged.   That was great.   I commented previously on the benefit of a vacation weekend I took, in "The Vacation Lingers."  Sometimes, the relaxed pace and pleasurable activities really help to make a long weekend a pleasant one.

So, Monday morning, it was time to return to work.  I really like my job:  I am payed reasonably well, I am well respected by my colleagues, and I am able to help the patients on my caseload.  This is a winning combination.

But, this morning, I would have appreciated more time off...I am really excited that I will have more time off at Christmas:  December 24, 2010 and return to work January 3, 2011

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