Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raking Leaves

One would not think of Lubbock as having trees, so raking leaves should not be an issue.  But there are many trees in the neighborhoods of Lubbock , and raking leaves is an activity that has to happen in autumn or more accurately, in winter.  It seems that many trees do not relinquish their leaves until well into December and January...

Many folks mow up their leaves with their lawn mowers, which is an option.   I generally rake leaves, and do not usually do so until January, although sometimes, I get tired of looking at them earlier.. So, I rake, knowing full well that the trees have not shed all their leaves, and another episode of raking will need to occur.

This weekend, I raked leaves... I do not recall raking leaves in November in Lubbock.. Usually, it is closer to New Years Day, and has been as late as near the middle of February, depending when the last of the leaves fall...

I am wondering if this is a foreboding of a severe winter.. Or, if I just got tired of looking at leaves on the ground sooner than later....



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