Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Reason I am Glad I am Not Travelling this Holiday

While the whole body scan/pat search issue is just really creepy and sounds too invasive for my taste, I know that if I ever opt for air travel, that is something I will have to endure.  This Thanksgiving weekend, I am not travelling.  That means I will not be visiting family in other parts of the country, but that is okay... I am grateful to be home with my girls, and to have the four day weekend.

I am watching The Weather Channel tonight.  I really enjoy The Weather Channel, although I think they sometimes over dramatize the weather, and, on occasion, down play the seriousness of the weather. 

So, for the major travel days this holiday weekend, it looks like there is lots of weather: snow, electric storms, possible tornadoes...It sounds like air travel will be effected.  It also means that road travel will be effected because of snow storms, and slush.

I hope for those who are travelling, you go quickly, without undue delay, and safely.

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