Sunday, February 06, 2011


Lisenby taught me about being homeless.  The song that says "there but for fortune go you or I" by Phil Ochs says it all.  The homeless are an unseen, unthought about part of our population.

When we lived downtown, Lisenby noticed there was a homeless man who made regular rounds in our alley: he had a schedule.  The day he came to our dumpster, Lisenby liked to put out a partially used loaf of bread (fresh, not whole, he said that would insult the man), and an open can of meat or tuna (also fresh).  I did not understand at first, but after a while, it made sense.

Some years ago, I was walking in the park on a cold morning. My dog, Mack, was with me.  I had my pack that had water for Mack, my binoculars, a bird book, food for the ducks, a flashlight and who knows what else.  I was approached by a woman who wanted to know if I needed a place to stay. She thought I was a homeless bag lady.  (In a way, that was a compliment.)  And, bless her, she was very concerned about my welfare.  

During the recent cold snap in Lubbock, the Carpenter's Church provided hot meals, tents and sleeping bags for the homeless.  The Red Cross 
coordinated with the Salvation Army to provide care: the shelter was open all day, instead of at night, and 3 hot meals per day were provided.

I am grateful these agencies are tending to this part of our society that are the unseen, nameless, forgotten.

I have been fortunate to have the creature comforts I want: a vehicle that works; a furnace that heats my house; hot water, hot meals, warm clothing. God has blessed me well.

If you are reading this blog, and have a way to support a program that supports homeless people, please open your heart to do so...

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