Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Comfort of Lullabies: "A Lullaby Story"

I went to a baby shower tonight.  A coworker is due to deliver a child in April. It is popular where I live to do such activities in restaurants:  each participant is responsible for their meal, no one has to worry about housekeeping in anticipation of guests, and we can have or not have those silly games.

This was a really nice shower. The couple is one of those young but wise beyond their years couples that are so rare these days.  The mother received a "quotations book" on her 18th birthday that she still treasures, so asked us to contribute to such a book for her son. There were a lot of wonderfully creative and thoughtful gifts. 

The group gathered truly were folks who care for each other and enjoy each other's company.  It was just nice.

The parents had a gift for each participant:  A CD called "A Lullaby Story" which is a collection of lullaby songs. I am sitting here listening to it, and finding myself very comforted by the songs. That is what lullabies are all about.  This couple included in this CD "Morning Has Broken"  and "Good Morning" from "Singing In The Rain."  Well, isn't that what lullabies are all about? Assurances that morning will come and when it does, there will be good things to encounter as the world awakens and we face a new day..

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