Saturday, March 19, 2011


As per Merriam Webster Online:

Definition of INSOMNIA

: prolonged and usually abnormal inability to get enough sleep

— in·som·ni·ac \-nē-ˌak\ adjective or noun

I have spent various periods of my life suffering from insomnia.  Usually it is manifested by an inability to fall asleep.  Lately, my insomnia has been manifested by waking up about 4:30 AM.  I doze after that, but have not been able to sleep soundly.

Most recently I have been dealing with feeling dragging during the day after not being able to sleep at night.  I blame not adjusting to the time change, because the insomnia has been happening for several weeks, and the only change this past week was the time change.

I am tired tonight, but not ready for bed.  Maybe, when I go, I can go to sleep and stay asleep. That would be a blessing.

Like many of our functions, sleep is a habit.  Maybe I can change my habit by getting tired enough to sleep through and change my rising time.

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