Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bridge of Lubbock

Today at work, a co-worker sent an email about a ribbon cutting event for The Bridge of Lubbock (  This is a grass roots community center organization that has been in existence since 1999. It is Christian in basis, supported by a church. It is housed in what was once an elementary school.. The co-worker is on the board of directors of this agency, and supports it strongly. The ribbon cutting was for the "face lift" to the building and to support the growth and outreach of the programs.....

The Bridge of Lubbock has a mentoring program for young children and another for teenagers.  It has a free lunch program for those who need it, and a clothing closet.  There is an affiliated catering business, to provide job training skills, and the profits help support the Bridge (and the food is good, they provided refreshments at the ceremony.)  The Lubbock Community Health Clinic ( has a satellite clinic in the building.  Patients are seen regardless of their ability to pay.  There is a Head Start program (http://www.nhsa.orgprogram/)  in the building.  And, Teethsavers, International (  is opening their first clinic in the United States in Lubbock in this building. The affiliates do not pay rent, they share the building operating costs ... 

Teethsavers, by the way, is amazing. They can do dental care without electricity and running water... Check them out... I met the founder...Wow!

This building is set in Lubbock's "East Side" which is populated largely by Blacks and Hispanics.  It is commercially under-developed, emergency services are slower to respond, some streets are STILL not paved, and it's reputation is not "safe."

When I came to Lubbock in 1977, I spent a large part of my ten years at Catholic Family Service, Inc providing services to families in this part of town.  I never felt threatened.  When I worked for the Texas Department of Health from 1991 to 1995, I spent a large part of my time working with families in this part of town, and never felt threatened.  I kayak a lot on a playa lake in this part of town, and do not feel threatened.  I bird watch at Dunbar Historical Lake and the City of Lubbock Cemetery, in this part of town, and I do not feel threatened...

I was emotionally touched by the intensive delight of those involved in this agency at what they are accomplishing...I want to share this with you....And, for those of you who care, I want to ask you to support The Bridge of Lubbock

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