Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cemetery Rounds

Recently, a cousin and I had the opportunity to make the rounds of the cemeteries where so many of our loved ones are buried... We identified the grave sites, read the headstones or plaques, sometimes pulled weeds and grass and then, went on...

What is the point?  I think for everyone, the point is different.  For me, I say I am going to visit the person buried at the site.  Not to see the grave, but the person... I do not see ghosts, emanations or any such auras.  I just have a sense of going to visit the person interred...

For me, the point is to acknowledge the person.  Their life, their memory. 

It also gives me a sense of peace, of centeredness, and oneness with those who have come before, and hopefully, those who will come after....

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