Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation vs. Time Off

Over the past several years, I would take time off from my job, but go to my childhood home, and take care of my mother...  I was glad to have the time with her, and did not resent the responsibility involved.  My younger sister was primarily responsible for tending to my mother, as she was the one child, of five who lived closest.  At that, she lived almost 2 hours away.  She never complained, and did a wonderful job tending to my mother.

When I went home, frequently, I did not see my sister.. She needed a break, and my presence allowed that... I knew and understood...

But, my trips home were to tend to family business.

After the death of my mother, my trips to the general area of my upbringing involved the wedding of a niece, the wedding of a nephew, the graduation of a niece.  While these were happy occasions, the visits were scripted for the event at hand.

This year, I was able to schedule a trip to my home area without there being a chore or task attached, although I did want to, and succeeded at, meeting a great nephew. 

But, I was also able to do tourist activities and sight seeing just because... It was wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating...

The difference between taking time off from work versus vacationing is not difficult to understand:  the vacation involves fun, relaxing, refreshing activities... I am grateful for the opportunity to have such activities.

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