Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love garlic. I love garlic so much I have been criticized for having bad garlic breath in public. Shameful to admit, but true....

Garlic has a reputation for having health benefits. According to the National Institute of Health (, reduction of blood cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol are the benefits most strongly suggested... Some of the other alleged benefits include anti-fungal properties, anti-platlet aggregation, protection against hardening of the arteries, cancer prevention, heart attach and high blood pressure prevention, peripheral vascular disease prevention, tick repellent, guarding against upper respiratory infections. But the empirical data is weak..

I do not care. I like the taste of garlic. Some years ago, I was introduced to roasted garlic: two ways: cut the top off a pod of garlic, slightly butter, and bake; or skin the cloves of garlic and bake, broil or put on the grill... To me, this is like candy...

I learned something new about garlic just this week. If you want a mild garlic taste, add it early in the cooking process. If you want a strong garlic taste, add it late. Makes sense, I just never thought about it.



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