Monday, February 22, 2010

Yet Another Snow Storm

December 23rd pf 2009 saw a wet and cold front move in... By the 24th, there was 8 or so inches of snow on the ground, and it was COLD! For me, no issue, I was not planning to travel for the holiday, and took the 24th through the 26th to shovel out... Unusually for this part of the world, there were patches of snow lingering until well after the first of January..

The 28th of January, a horrendous rain storm turned into an ice and snow storm.. Texas Tech closed at 12:30 on the 28th, and stayed closed on the 29th... I went to work, anyway, on the 29th, because I had obligations to meet before the 1st of February... The roads were clear and dry, and driving was not that bad...

Tonight, another snow storm has moved in... The amounts of snow are supposed to be 2-4 inches... not bad, but it looks like we have met that amount already...

This many storms is unusual for Lubbock... The first few years I was in Lubbock, we had many ice storms, which made sense to me: cold rain, not cold enough for snow... We have had years of much snow: Lisenby and I rode around one year, in the 4 wheel drive vehicle, pulling people out of snow, and ferrying staff to the hospitals..(we were reimbursed for some of our efforts, and others were good Samaritan.) I want to say we had two storms of over 10 inches of snow...but both melted within days, unlike the snow we had in December of 2009.

In 2004, we had lots of snow and rain. But it was interspersed with nice weather..

The storms this year are blamed on El Niño. I think the past storms were also blamed on El Niño. Well, at least the meteorologists are consistent...



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