Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice Skaters Fall Down

A co-worker told me that watching ice skating, especially at the Olympic level was torturous, because one fall can break a career. I never that about that. But this I know. Ice skaters fall down. You do not learn to ice skate without falling down... You do not learn to ice skate without taking risks, and expanding your zone of comfort. And, you get back up and try it again, and again, and again. I think ice skating teaches things like perseverance, continuing on with pain.

I took ice skating lessons for a semester in college. The instructor, Mrs. Barr, said she put something new and harder in each lesson, then allowed us to go back to what we had learned the lesson before, because it was already easier and more comfortable... An interesting philosophy of teaching. And, effective...

We all fall down in life. On the rink, the ice skater has no choice but to get up and keep going, especially if the skater is in a competition. How many of us do that in our personal lives?



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